How to teach your child how to eat properly?

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Children are the most concerned member of the family. When children reach the weaning stage,
 from grandparents to parents need to learn the knowledge related to their meals. So how do 
children have a perfect start to eat miles?
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máy sấy hạt ngũ cốc
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Weaning is exactly what its name implies, when babies begin to become familiar with foods other than breast milk 
and formula milk. Children will be able to identify the different tastes in their meals. Many people mistakenly
 believe that at the age of weaning, they will completely discard the milk. In fact, weaning extra foods that 
are rougher than breast milk is just a way for children to get used to foods. Remember, breast milk is the 
main food for the baby's digestive system. If you do not learn how to prepare foods that are suitable for 
your baby's body during this period, there will be some phenomena such as anorexia nervosa, fear of eating.When should children feed?
The most suitable time for weaning is from 5 to 6 months. If eaten too early, children are more susceptible to 
digestive diseases such as diarrhea, constipation, and stomach ache later.
There are many types of weaning foods. Currently divided into 3 common types. The first is Japanese-style weaning. 
This type is very laborious when processing many different dishes at one meal. In return, your child will feel each type
 of food, spices are put into the body. Japanese-style weaning is commonly used in Japan and is now a trend in Vietnam. 
The second type is self-command feeding (BLW). Children will learn how to hold and hold food by themselves and how to chew. 
This type is often objected by the grandparents because they believe that young children who have fed so raw will harm the digestive tract.
 After the child has finished eating, the leftover food that is dropped, scattered on the floor, or soiled on the body will take a lot of effort 
to clean up. The last type of weaning, the same pattern used by grandparents from ancient times, is the traditional weaning. 
That is stirring flour, porridge from diluted form to thicken gradually for children to eat. This type does not take the effort to
 clean up and is easiest to implement.
One of the most popular snacks that parents are interested in today is weaning powder. However, weaning powders on the market
 often have many preservatives, delicious aromas to stimulate children to want to eat. Many people choose another form of safety 
for their children. It is buying the nuts themselves and grinding them into flour. Thus, the nutritional value in cereal grains 
will be kept safe for children to give.
máy sấy vinacobra
máy sấy vinacobra

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